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Sugartown - Welcoming, Pretty Entryway Lovely Combination of Fabric and Wallpaper Ardmore Luxury Condo Ardmore Luxury Condo 1 Ardmore Luxury Condo 2 Ardmore Luxury Condo 3 Ardmore Luxury Condo 4 Ardmore Luxury Condo 5 Ardmore Luxury Condo 6 Ardmore Luxury Condo 7 Ardmore Luxury Condo 8 Ardmore Luxury Condo 9 Chester County Pool House Chester County Pool House 1 Chester County Pool House 2 Chester County Pool House 3 Chester County Pool House 4 Chester County Pool House 5 Chester County Pool House 6 Chester County Pool House 7 Chester County Pool House 8 Chester County Pool House 9 Bryn Mawr Family Room Bryn Mawr Family Room 1 Bryn Mawr Family Room 2 Bryn Mawr Family Room 3 Bryn Mawr Family Room 4 Bryn Mawr Family Room 5 West Chester Living Room West Chester Living Room 1 West Chester Living Room 2 West Chester Living Room 3 West Chester Living Room 4 West Chester Living Room 5 West Chester Living Room 6 West Chester Living Room 7 West Chester Living Room 8 West Chester Living Room 9 West Chester Living Room 10 West Chester Living Room 11 West Chester Living Room 12 West Chester Living Room 13 West Chester Living Room 14 West Chester Living Room 15 West Chester Living Room 16 West Chester Living Room 17 West Chester Living Room 18 West Chester Living Room 19 West Chester Living Room 20 West Chester Living Room 21 West Chester Living Room 22 Beach House Retreat Beach House Retreat 1 Beach House Retreat 2 Beach House Retreat 3 Beach House Retreat 4 Beach House Retreat 5 Beach House Retreat 6 Beach House Retreat 7 Beach House Retreat 8 Beach House Retreat 9 Beach House Retreat 10 Malvern Great Room Malvern Great Room 1 Malvern Great Room 2 Malvern Great Room 3 Malvern Great Room 4 Malvern Great Room 5 Malvern Great Room 6 Malvern Great Room 7 Malvern Great Room 8 Malvern Great Room 9 Malvern Great Room 10 Malvern Great Room 11 Malvern Great Room 12 Malvern Great Room 13 Gladwyn Master Bedroom Gladwyn Master Bedroom 1 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 2 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 3 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 4 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 5 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 6 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 7 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 8 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 9 Gladwyn Master Bedroom 10 Main Line Great Room Main Line Great Room 1 Main Line Great Room 2 Main Line Great Room 3 Main Line Great Room 4 Main Line Great Room 5 Main Line Great Room 6 Main Line Great Room 7 Downingtown Elegant Dining Downingtown Elegant Dining 1 Downingtown Elegant Dining 2 Downingtown Elegant Dining 3 Downingtown Elegant Dining 4 Downingtown Elegant Dining 5 Downingtown Elegant Dining 6 Downingtown Elegant Dining 7 Stunning Master Bedroom Stunning Master Bedroom 1 Stunning Master Bedroom 2 Stunning Master Bedroom 3 Stunning Master Bedroom 4 Stunning Master Bedroom 5 Stunning Master Bedroom 6 Stunning Master Bedroom 7 Stunning Master Bedroom 8 Stunning Master Bedroom 9 Washington, DC Dining Washington, DC Dining 1 Washington, DC Dining 2 Washington, DC Dining 3 Washington, DC Dining 4 Washington, DC Dining 5 Washington, DC Dining 6 Washington, DC Dining 7 Washington, DC Dining 8 Washington, DC Dining 9 Washington, DC Living Washington, DC Living 1 Washington, DC Living 2 Washington, DC Living 3 Washington, DC Living 4 Washington, DC Living 5 Washington, DC Living 6 Washington, DC Living 7 Washington, DC Living 8 Washington, DC Living 9 Washington, DC Living 10 Washington, DC Living 11 Washington, DC Living 12 Washington, DC Living 13 Washington, DC Living 14 Washington, DC Living 15 Washington, DC Living 16 Villanova Patio Villanova Patio 1 Villanova Patio 2 Villanova Patio 3 Villanova Patio 4 Villanova Patio 5 Villanova Patio 6 Villanova Patio 7 Villanova Patio 8 Villanova Patio 9 Margate Living room Margate Living room 1 Margate Living room 2 Margate Living room 3 Margate Living room 4 Margate Living room 5 Margate Living room 6 Margate Living room 7 Potomac Dining Potomac Dining 1 Potomac Dining 2 Potomac Dining 3 Potomac Dining 4 Potomac Dining 5 Potomac Dining 6 Potomac Dining 7 Potomac Dining 8 Potomac Dining 9 Potomac Dining 10 Potomac Dining 11 Potomac Dining 12 Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom 1 Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom 2 Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom 3 Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom 4 Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom 5 Bryn Mawr Transitional Bedroom 6 Main Line Elegance Main Line Elegance 1 Main Line Elegance 2 Main Line Elegance 3 Main Line Elegance 4 Main Line Elegance 5 Main Line Elegance 6 Main Line Elegance 7 Main Line Elegance 8 Main Line Elegance 9 Main Line Elegance 10 Main Line Elegance 11 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 1 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 2 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 3 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 4 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 5 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 6 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 7 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 8 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 9 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 10 Gladwyn Mixing Old with New 11 Kimberton Inn Kimberton Inn 1 Kimberton Inn 2 Kimberton Inn 3 Kimberton Inn 4 Kimberton Inn 5 Kimberton Inn 6 Kimberton Inn 7 Kimberton Inn 8 Kimberton Inn 9 Kimberton Inn 10 Kimberton Inn 11 Kimberton Inn 12 Kimberton Inn 13 Kimberton Inn 14 Newtown Square Home Office Newtown Square Home Office 1 Newtown Square Home Office 2 Newtown Square Home Office 3 Newtown Square Home Office 4 Malvern Dining Room Malvern Dining Room 1 Malvern Dining Room 2 Malvern Dining Room 3 Malvern Dining Room 4 Malvern Dining Room 5 Malvern Dining Room 6 Malvern Dining Room 7 Malvern Dining Room 8 Malvern Dining Room 9 Main Line Great Room Main Line Great Room 1 Main Line Great Room 2 Main Line Great Room 3 Main Line Great Room 4 Main Line Great Room 5 Main Line Great Room 6 Main Line Great Room 7 Main Line Great Room 8 Bethany Beach House Bethany Beach House 1 Bethany Beach House 2 Bethany Beach House 3 Bethany Beach House 4 Bethany Beach House 5 Bethany Beach House 6 Bethany Beach House 7 Bethany Beach House 8 Bethany Beach House 9 Bethany Beach House 10 Bethany Beach House 11 Bethany Beach House 12 Bethany Beach House 13 Bethany Beach House 14 Bethany Beach House 15 Bethany Beach House 16 Bethany Beach House 17 Bethany Beach House 18 Bethany Beach House 19 Brant Beach Summer Home Brant Beach Summer Home 1 Brant Beach Summer Home 2 Brant Beach Summer Home 3 Brant Beach Summer Home 4 Brant Beach Summer Home 5 Brant Beach Summer Home 6 Brant Beach Summer Home 7 Brant Beach Summer Home 8 Brant Beach Summer Home 9 Brant Beach Summer Home 10 Brant Beach Summer Home 11 Brant Beach Summer Home 12 Brant Beach Summer Home 13 Brant Beach Summer Home 14 Brant Beach Summer Home 15 Brant Beach Summer Home 16 Brant Beach Summer Home 17 Brant Beach Summer Home 18


Everything about the experience was outstanding, from visiting the showroom to selecting the furniture to the prompt and careful delivery to sending someone to correct a defect so minor I could not see it myself. The quality of the product is excellent.

Dale from Bala Cynwyd, PA


We have been shopping exclusively at Sheffield for 25 years. More than 75 percent of our furnishings were purchased at Sheffield. In all of those years we have never had a problem. And, we continue to enjoy all of the beautiful furniture, rugs, and drapery purchased. Our designer Paige has been terrific throughout all these years. We love her!

Earl and Katherine from Moorestown, NJ


I had a very positive shopping experience from beginning to end. Beginning with the associate that helped answer my questions & guide me through my mattress purchase, to the woman scheduling my delivery, the service was excellent. Your delivery employees were also very professional & courteous.

Frances from Devon, PA


Our designer was wonderful to work with....very kind and patient. She took her time to listen to us and to show us numerous choices until we found just the right one. The store is beautiful and everyone we encountered was helpful and polite. A truly excellent experience so far.

Steve and Kathy from Herndon, VA


Sheffield has an extensive collection of furniture in a delightfully organized showroom. My designer helped me select the perfect furnishings for my new home. It was easy to put together the perfect settings. Delivery and installation was seemless. Couldn't be happier.

Joyce from Chevy Chase, MD


I have never been disappointed when shopping for furniture at Sheffield in Rockville. The first sales associate I met seven years ago, Jane Faber, has been a faithful, wonderful help to me whenever I need or want a piece of furniture! I recommended Jane to my sister who also had happy very good experience with Jane’s help to find what she wanted.

Lesley from Bethesda, MD

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Our interior designers also assist our clients with custom window treatments, bed linens, wood blinds, shutters, wallpaper and paint selections, carpeting, and Oriental rug selections. After the final delivery, they will go to the home and place lighting and accessories to add a finishing touch. Please visit our Interior Design page to learn more about the benefits of our interior designers.

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