Applause-Worthy Design

A former retail executive, Mark D. Sikes believes in curating, collecting, and customizing to ensure homes will look as good 10 years from now as they do today... because true beauty is not only everywhere, but also forever. His furniture designs are a perfect reflection of his mantra.

“The magic is in the mix. A stately gilded console here, a Swedish settee with tufted cushions there. In this curated collection, every single piece has a beautiful story to tell—be it in rush or cane, brass or fine woods—like a cocktail party with guests buzzing with distinctly different personalities and styles.” Mark D. Sikes

Let’s look at the elements of a room filled with Mark’s furniture, as well as explore the design choices he made.

Mark D. Sikes


Whether it’s architecture, a beautiful view, or in this case, stunning wallpaper, the outer boundaries of your room are key in determining your room’s floor plan, as well as where the main focal point (or the center stage) of the room will be.

Mark Sikes selected this fabulous paper not only for the colors, but also to add interest and create a more refined, historic element to the room’s backdrop.

Applause Worthy Design 2
Applause Worthy Design 3
Applause Worthy Design 4


Think of the floor as the stage of your room. Its texture, colors, and patterns establish a quiet script of how the rest of the room plays out. The natural fibers of the rug in Mark’s design suggest an earthy, more serene environment.

Applause Worthy Design 5


In a room where upholstered furniture is front and center, the role each piece plays is crucial. They must balance each other, while adding interest and comfort. Their fabrics determine the level of formality you desire.

An example of this is the sofa in Mark Sikes’ design. The soft pleats on the skirt really tone down any formality the room might have. The deep seat is inviting for an afternoon nap. The rush accents on the ottoman also provide a more relaxed, homey feel.

Applause Worthy Design 6
Applause Worthy Design 7
Applause Worthy Design 8
Applause Worthy Design 9


Your accent pieces work to ground (or support) the main upholstery items in a room.

Applause Worthy Design 10
Applause Worthy Design 11


Fabrics and trims are like costumes... they add personality to your space. Draperies are a fabulous medium to really show pizzazz in a room. Or, like Mark used them in his design, they can seem like a fresh breeze entering the room.

Applause Worthy Design 12


Lighting and accessories give a room its uniqueness. They should set your room apart from anyone else’s…. this is where your personality shines through. Vases, boxes, lamps, and books should not only balance out an area, but offer interest to a room ideal for conversation.

Applause Worthy Design 13
Applause Worthy Design 14


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