the process



Before Your Appointment

Clear communication between you and your designer is key to you building your dream home. Pictures do say a thousand words and are extremely helpful in your initial communication with your designer. Before you meet, take some time and search through images of rooms online or in home magazines. When you see a room with the ambiance you like, make a copy.

It is more important that a designer know the ambiance you wish to achieve rather than the exact elements that make up a room. Once they know how you want the room to feel, they will be able to guide you to pieces that can attain the desired ambiance but still work within the confines of your lifetyle, your actual functional needs, as well as your budget.

Finally, for your first meeting, try to bring with you as many of your existing elements as possible. Take pictures of special pieces you already own and basic measurements of the full width and length of your room. If possible, bring any fabric and flooring samples you might have.

the process


1. In-Store First Appointment

When meeting with your designer for the first time, you will be asked many probing questions to better help the designer understand not only your style choices, but how you actually live in your home. For a formal living area they might ask you how many people do you usually entertain at one time? How often do you entertain? Who do you entertain-- family, friends, colleagues, clients, or a combination of all? Do you cook or do you have catering? All these questions help the designer to focus in on the needed traffic flow of your home, the amount of seating actually required, the different weaves of fabrics that would be best suited for your room’s actual use, as well as other seemingly minor details that can make a huge difference in you loving the final project. Typically, either as you arrive or before you leave, your designer will take you on a tour of the showroom and design center to get a read on your reactions to the hundreds of options that are available, so that when they come to your home, they can truly focus on what your needs are while they take measurements.


2. On-site Appointment

After meeting with your designer, they will schedule a time to come to your home to take the necessary measurements to develop a plan for your home. They will study your lighting situation, flooring, items you have already acquired as well as items of great sentimental importance, and your home environment dynamics. Upon return to the office, your designer will create for you floor plans and will pull together fabric and furnishing selections. This process can take several business days to two weeks. In the interim, your designer may contact to get some clarifications or other necessary inputs from you.


the process


3. In-store Presentation

Once all the pieces of your project are found, your designer will schedule a time for you to return to the store for a presentation of their proposed plan for your home. At this time they will go over the floor plans, textile and color selections as well as furnishing recommendations. Your designer will discuss with you why they selected certain elements, recommended certain furnishings as well as why they feel the floor plan is the best for your home. During this meeting, your final project will take form. Your input is extremely important during this meeting. All of your concerns, questions, likes and doubts need to be expressed at this point so that your designer can work with you to adjust the plan. With every refinement made, you are in control. This is when the designer's recommendations truly become uniquely yours. Most of the time, these adjustments can be completely worked out during the meeting, however, it is not uncommon for a designer to take a few days to work out the finer details of some of the changes made during the meeting. In this case a second presentation might be required. After all selections are made, you may wish to take home your fabric selections to double check that you are satisfied with how they look in your home. If you have questions, concerns or doubts at that time, your designer may wish to visit the home again to observe how the colors are interacting with your home's lighting, reflections from your windows, or other non predicted influences that are distorting the color.


4. Purchasing and Delivery

Once your plan comes together and is finalized, the designer will place your order with our company. Depending on the different venders from which your selections come, with an average of 4 months, it can take anywhere from 2 - 9 months for your order to arrive completed at our warehouse. Once we have inspected your items, Sheffield will contact you to schedule your delivery. If at all possible, your designer will want to be present at the time of delivery to help with the exact furniture placement. If time permits the day of delivery, your designer might also bring options for accessories so your room will feel complete. If time doesn’t permit, you can schedule another day to do the accessorizing needed to complete your room.

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