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Colleen Berger


ext. 750

If you ask Colleen what sets her apart as a designer, she’ll probably credit her listening skills. She asks lots and lots of questions to help her clients open their minds to ideas and solutions they may not have considered. “I like to help them create the dream and then be able to live in it,” she explains.

Colleen studied Interior Design at Marymount University and considers her strengths to be color coordination and space planning. When not at work, she enjoys working in her garden and spending time at the beach with her three children.

Design Philosophy:
For Colleen, good design is all about being a good listener. “I really listen to what the client wants and how they want it to feel so I can help them design a space where they feel very comfortable,” explains Colleen.

Every client is different and Colleen prides herself on her ability to understand each person’s unique vision, needs and desires. Her open-mindedness helps her see the diversity of each customer and each space as a challenge. And she enjoys involving her clients in the evolution of their space so it will feel personal and comfortable to them.

Personal Style:
“I’m in love with all the elements of style and design, so it’s difficult to say what I love the most,” she says. “But if I had to choose, I’d say traditional—without being rigid.”