It sounds like an oxymoron, but today’s outdoor spaces are taking on decidedly interior personalities. While designers have long tried to ‘bring the outdoors in,’ the new trend is to bring the indoors—and comfortable furnishings—out(side). Homeowners across the country looking to maximize their home’s square footage and capitalize on the beauty of the outdoors are creating indoor spaces outside. And when we think fabulous outdoor living, we think Brown Jordan.


Brown Jordan has been designing award-winning outdoor furnishings since 1945. It was actually the first company to create furniture for full-time outdoor use. The company’s stylish designs span a range of styles and materials and represent the pinnacle in innovation and design integrity. From traditional to transitional and contemporary, Brown Jordan offers the perfect styles to create amazing outdoor living spaces.


Here are a few tips to help you create your own ideal outdoor living space:

  1. Think Comfort
    Comfort is just as important for outdoor areas as it is for indoor spaces. Choose furnishings that encourage relaxation and facilitate entertaining and conversation. The best outdoor space is one that makes you and your guests want to stay awhile.
  2. Embrace Color
    Even if you’re partial to neutral shades indoors, outdoor spaces are a great place to embrace color. While beiges and browns are the most popular colors for outdoor chairs and sofas, you can add pillows and umbrellas in bright outdoor fabrics to make a style statement.
  3. Plan Well
    Spend the same amount of time planning your outdoor space as you would an interior room. Not only do you have all the requirements of an indoor space (furnishings, décor scheme, space planning)—you also have the added requirements of weather tolerances and durability. If you need help planning your outdoor space, contact one of our staff designers for a free consultation.


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