If you watched the recent Oscars® or read the ensuing fashion reviews, you’ve seen the latest looks in glamour, glitz and gowns. The colors, the fabrics, the hairstyles, the jewels…the world’s most beautiful and talented came out to be recognized and did not disappoint. But did you know that Hollywood’s biggest night featured stars of home furnishings as well?


That’s right, Baker Furniture—one of our own favorite furniture lines—received the equivalent of an Oscar nod by being featured in the exclusive Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars. Los Angeles-based interior designer Madeline Stuart selected Baker Furniture once again to help her achieve her vision for this backstage space.


Nestled in Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, the Greenroom is the go-to spot for celebrity interviews, presenter pre-stage prep and refreshments. Baker was chosen to furnish the luxurious suite which was inspired by the legendary art director and production designer, Cedric Gibbons. A Hollywood legend, Mr. Gibbons won eleven Academy Awards for art direction and is credited with designing the Oscar statuette. For a behind-the-scenes look at this room being built, watch this time-lapse video here.


So what makes Baker Oscar-worthy? To start, the brand represents the epitome of fine design, materials and craftsmanship. Baker builds furniture from more periods, styles, and international influences than any other furniture maker—with careful attention paid to scale, proportion and ornamental detail. From exquisite reproductions to original creations from celebrated designers, each piece is uniquely Baker.


This is a brand whose looks fit perfectly in today’s homes. After all, Baker’s vision is to create furnishings thought tempting today and timeless tomorrow. So, this year, we think a home furnishings Oscar should go to Baker for Best Representation of Timeless Elegance.


All the best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors