Ever wished your best friend or relative was an interior designer so you could get all the good tips? Well, wish no more. Think of the “Our Best” blog as your new best friend who has all the best decorating ideas and tricks. Today, with the help of Rockville showroom’s Patrick Prudhomme, we’ve gathered five must-have tips that will help you make your space a success.


  1. Plentiful Pathways. A standard pathway should be at least 36 inches wide—and no cheating or your traffic flow will be compromised. If it’s an area of your home that connects major rooms of your home—go even wider.
  2. Table Talk. The perfect distance between your coffee table and sofa is 13 – 18 inches. Allow less than 13 inches of space and you won’t be able to walk comfortably between them. However, a distance of more than 18 inches will make it impossible for a guest to comfortably place a glass on the coffee table without rising from the sofa.
  3. Wiggle Room. Give as much attention to furniture placement in your dining room as you do for the centerpiece and linens. Be sure to allow 36 inches between the table and whatever is behind it (console, window or wall). This creates adequate space for people to pass behind a seated guest without disturbing them, and ensures your guests will be able to comfortably push back from the table.
  4. Dining Room Rug Rule #1. A dining room rug should always be large enough that a guest leaving the table does not feel the legs of the chair drop off the rug.
  5. Make the Most of a Mirror. Hang a mirror so that it reflects and maximizes light, otherwise it will appear gray and lifeless. If natural light is available from a window, the mirror will reflect that light and be perceived as another window. If natural light isn’t available, hang a mirror across from a chandelier or decorative light fixture to bounce the light around the room.


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See below for some of Patrick’s wonderful design work!