Pattern is one of the most powerful ways to change a room. Second only to color, patterns can make or break a space. Use too little pattern and the room feels tired and boring. Yet, mix too many patterns or get the scale wrong, and you’ll give people a headache. Successfully combining patterns in textiles, furnishings, artwork and accessories can take years of practice, but when it’s done right, it’s amazing.


One of the biggest trends this fall is the layering of patterns. This means you’ll see more than just a patterned pillow on a solid sofa. Instead, you’ll see patterns used together from floor to ceiling—textiles, pillows, rugs, and wallpaper are all selected to work together.


Popular pattern motifs in today’s interior design include the Greek key, medallions, trellis patterns and oversized florals. The 1960s mid-century look continues to be popular—contributing Mad Men-inspired graphic prints in subdued color palettes.


The old rule of decorating used to be to choose one large pattern, one small one and to mix in a medium-sized one. That rule’s gone out the window—along with most decorating rules. The new ‘rule’ is to mix and match patterns until it feels right. Patterns that work well together are united by color, scale, texture, or motif.


For pattern inspiration, check out our blog on Dorothy Draper. She led the industry with her ingenious pairings of oversized florals and bold stripes that combined to create one-of-a-kind looks.


And if patterns aren’t your forte, don’t despair. Just call one of our talented on-staff designers—they make it fun and easy to get the look you want in your home.


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