It’s no secret that home furnishings design follows the trail that fashion blazes. From color palettes and patterns to fabrics and textures—runway looks inspire furniture designers and the designs that eventually make their way into our homes. So it’s no surprise that a big trend this season is the menswear look.


It’s hard to find anything more classic than a well-tailored suit. Combine the perfect fabric, style and tailoring, and the result is amazing. Today’s home furnishings designers are finding the same holds true in furniture. From the fabrics to the detailing, here’s a look at how men’s fashion is influencing interior design.


As with fashion, fabrics come first with this trend. You’ll see tweedy plaids, hounds tooth (in both small- and large-scale), pinstripes, chevron designs, Greek key patterns and small dots and graphic prints. Almost any pattern you’d see on a man’s tie is being interpreted in textiles and used in upholstery and window treatments.


The color palette is equally important with the menswear-inspired look. Expect to see lots of black, white and complex neutrals (colors mixed with gray). Gray provides the foundation—just like the classic gray suit—and colors are added and mixed to create the mood. Gray and greige (gray+beige) are some of today’s hottest shades in wall colors and bed linens. Wood finishes range from deep and rich to lighter and more distressed—and are accented with metal finishes and bases to add character.


Just as the difference between a $200 suit and a $2,000 suit is all in the details—the same is true for home furnishings. Defining touches such as pleats, nailhead accents, contrasting welts, decorative trim and fabrics that look and feel luxurious, distinguish these high-end furniture looks.


The final touch to any fashionable ensemble is jewelry—or a wristwatch for men—and furniture is no exception. Drawer pulls, window treatments, rugs and decorative lighting are the jewelry to a room and add the perfect finishing touch. Great fashion can improve the way a man looks and feels, and today’s menswear fashion trends are elevating the style in our homes as well.


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