Sometimes a girl needs a little glamour. And sometimes a room does.


Nothing perks up a space more than adding a layer of sparkling sophistication. For inspiration, think of Paris at night and the Eiffel Tower aglow with twinkling lights. Or picture the glamour of old Hollywood when men still held doors open and everyone dressed for dinner. Adding a little Parisian influence to a room dresses it up and gives it importance. Here are few keys to creating this look:


Start with the sparkle: Furnishings and materials that sparkle add instant glamour. Look for mirrored pieces, reflective surfaces and glitzy textures.


Select luxe materials: When it comes to creating a luxurious environment, rich fabrics are a must-have. Silks, velvets, leather and fabrics with shine and dimension work best for this look. Tufting and pleats can be used to help accentuate a fabric’s character.  And don’t forget faux fur and shearling.


Choose sophisticated colors: An elegant, Paris-inspired color palette is ideally muted or monochromatic. Classic colors and palettes provide a backdrop for statement pieces that create the feeling of luxury.


Don’t skimp on lighting: Good lighting sets the mood in a space, and it’s a critical element for creating this look. Lighting adds drama and directs the eye around the room. Plus, nothing says glamour more than a crystal chandelier or light fixture dripping with bling.


Speak with accessories: Choose your accessories wisely and display only those that help you tell the story you want to tell.


Whether you’re re-imagining your bedroom, living room, dining room or den—you don’t have to go around the world to find glamour. You can use furnishings, accessories and color to bring the ‘City of Light’ to your home.


All the best,

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