As the weather changes and the days get shorter and cooler, it’s a great time to look to color for inspiration in home décor. Nothing sets a mood better than color. You can change the way a room feels just by updating its fabrics, furnishings and wall color. And today’s color trends make it easy to create warmth.


The beauty of creating a ‘warm’ space is that it works everywhere—family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, baths, etc. Making a room feel comfier is always a good thing. A den or great room that feels warm encourages guests to stay and get comfortable. Using a warm color palette in a bonus room or basement is a trick designers use to make a cavernous space feel cozy.


So how do you create this feeling? Start with colors that remind you of fall. Create a palette using shades of garnet, plum, berry, sapphire, olive, burnt orange, chocolate, mustard and cream. Imagine you are bringing the outside in and look to your favorite shades of nature for inspiration.


Warm colors work wonderfully when paired with neutrals. You can dress up a neutral beige sofa with pillows and an ottoman covered in rich autumn-inspired shades of gold and orange. Or, add drama to a neutral dining room with custom drapes made in a shade of deep plum or amethyst, and then tie in your table linens and glassware.


Lastly, consider texture as another way to ‘warm up’ a room. Look for chunky, sweater-inspired woven pillow covers and throw blankets. Consider fabrics with raised dimension or embroidery. Today’s top patterns are soft, textural.


Whether your personal design style favors traditional, contemporary, transitional or eclectic—there’s a way to warm up your space with color and style.


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