When it comes to appreciating the beauty of Stickley furniture, Terry and Chuck Mattioni are true aficionados. The Mattionis have been furnishing their home with Stickley Mission furnishings from Sheffield for several years and recently had a chance to tour the Stickley factory in New York. “It was very impressive,” shared Terry. “Now we understand why there is an 8-12 week lead time for furniture!”


Stickley has a long tradition of inviting the public to visit its factory. Since its earliest years the company has encouraged consumers to see for themselves how its furnishings are crafted. It’s an extension of what Gustav Stickley called “honest furniture.”


The tour is just the first stop for devoted Stickley enthusiasts. There’s also a Stickley museum located in the historic original Stickley factory and a flagship showroom nearby. Overnight visitors will also be interested in The Craftsman Inn, across the street from the showroom.


Stickley is one brand that makes it easy to see what makes one piece of furniture an heirloom

while another is not.


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