In today’s world of copies and knock-offs, it’s rare to find a furniture collection with a unique point of view. That’s why we adore the Thomas Pheasant collection from Baker Furniture. It’s modern, elegant and distinctive. You can spot his signature style from across the room—and you’ll be drawn to it.


Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer based in Washington, DC. His signature style is modern elegance and he creates furnishings and interiors that evoke a feeling of calm, luxurious comfort.


What’s interesting about Pheasant is how he selects and interprets classic design motifs in his work. An excellent example is his Arcade table, with curves clearly inspired by architectural arches. “Inspiration is not imitation, it is taking something you have experienced and allowing it to filter through your own unique sensibility,” says Pheasant.


For his latest collection for Baker, Pheasant combines simplicity, bold silhouettes and clean finishes. His inspiration draws from influences around the world and he creates modern pieces that, when looked at closely, reveal classical roots.


These are furnishings that appeal to people who know their own style. There’s nothing exaggerated, frilly or fancy about these pieces. They are bold, sophisticated and highly edited. Pheasant says it best himself: “I find the most satisfaction in elegance through simplicity…It is through editing that I achieve the greatest impact.”


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