When it comes to neutrals, watch out browns and grays—navy blue is on the scene. Bold and strong, yet classic and refined, navy is the perfect shade to build a space around. And that’s what makes it the ideal neutral.


So what is a neutral anyway? We see neutrals as the core colors that provide a foundation to a room’s color palette. Neutrals provide a backdrop to help other colors shine, and navy does this with style.


Navy is the perfect complement to white and shades of cream, ecru and beige. It has a crispness that is at once bold and clean. Pair it with whites to create a look that’s classic, formal or coastal.


For a more fashionable look, navy provides the perfect foil to hues of raspberry, gray, red and chartreuse. It offers the rich darkness of black, yet is more intriguing and complex.


A monochromatic color scheme is another excellent way to showcase navy blue. It looks its best in rich fabrics—preferably with sheen, pattern or texture—that reflect its depth.


No ‘johnny-come-lately’, navy has been around for ages, and has never gone out of style. Dining room, bedroom, powder room, den or study…there’s nowhere this shade doesn’t work. And while it’s sometimes the star of the show, its greatest role is as a neutral backdrop that lets other colors truly shine.


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