Harvey Ellis Dining Table and Chairs


Mission furniture is a widely loved style that dates back to the late 1800s. The furniture is as enduring as its
appeal, often becoming treasured heirlooms for generations.
So what is it about Mission furniture that makes it so timeless? It’s in the simple beauty of the design. According to an article on The Arts & Crafts Society’s website, here are a few features that, together, truly define the
Mission style:


• simple straight-lines
• medium or dark stained wood
• substantial, but well proportioned pieces
• distinct lack of unnecessary ornament
• wood of the best quality
• leather upholstery (mostly)
• simple iron or copper hardware


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The solid, wood form gives the furniture a warm, rustic feel, but the simple geometric shapes also satisfy the desire for simplicity.




Bustle Back Bow Arm Morris Recliner


The clean designs and integrity of the construction are just a few reasons why Mission is so loved. According to the The Arts & Crafts Society’s website, the “…workmanship [of Mission] must be exact, as any imperfections are at once noticeable in furniture of such simple lines.” There is no room for error in the making of Mission—a flawed piece would be obvious and thus unappealing both visually and structurally.


Mission furniture is often made of oak and completed with various finishes.




Slat Back Settle • Oval End Table • Limbert Tabouret Table


Its rustic beauty creates a timeless appearance.




Gus Commemorative Bookcase • Gus Bow Arm Morris Chair


While often made of oak, Stickley also has a stunning line of cherry Mission.




Harvey Ellis Rocker • Harvey Ellis Door Console




Mission Sideboard




Keyhole Trestle Table




Three Door Display Buffet




Settle • Gus Rocker • Storage Cocktail Table • Roycroft Tabouret




Sleigh Bed • Harvey Ellis Nine Drawer Chest • Harvey Ellis Drawer Night Stand • Highland Park Rug




Spindle Bed




Harvey Ellis Bed




Round Pedestal Dining Table • Cottage Arm Chair & Side Chair


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Highlands Double Pedestal Table

Spindle Side Chair

Spindle Arm Chair