The quatrefoil motif has been around for centuries and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. Signified by a symmetrical, four leaf clover shape; the quatrefoil turns up everywhere! From classic architecture, to jewelry, wallpaper, even Girl Scout cookies.

Girl Scout Trefoil Cookies

We, however, love to see the quatrefoil motif reflected in home decor! Check out some of our Sheffield brands featuring the trend below…

Quatrefoil Trends at Sheffield Furniture

1 Quatrefoil Cocktail Table from Universal Furniture

2 Haven Cabinet from Bernhardt

3 Alexandra Chair by Suzanne Kasler from Hickory Chair

 4 Pattern Makers Floor and Table Lamps from Regina Andrew

5 Upholstered Mirror from East King St & Co

6 Mara Embroidery Fabric from Thibaut