Every year trends come and go, which makes it particularly entertaining to look back at styles from the past. The avocado green appliances and gold shag carpet of the 70s, the ultra-sleek furniture and airbrushed art of the 80s, the funky patterns and psychedelic colors of the 60s—there’s no shortage of trends that have burned out. It seems nearly every winner of a home makeover sweepstakes has a ‘before’ photo of a room that looks like a blast from the past. Which is why we’ll take “timeless” over “trendy” any day.


The hottest trends today will likely look dated a few years from now. While most everyone wants their home to feel current, there’s a big difference between following trends and following style. It’s just one of the ways Sheffield can help you create your dream home: our designers can assist you in furnishing and decorating your space in a way that fits your taste and lifestyle. So you don’t have to worry that your investment of time and resources will soon be out of style.


While there are many fine furniture manufacturers that have stood the test of time (and continue to be some of our favorite lines), there’s one that stands out among its peers: Stickley Furniture. When clients ask us why we love Stickley so much, we offer them a cup of coffee—because it takes a few minutes to explain.


If we had to narrow it down to just three reasons, we’d say: Heritage, Style and Quality.




Stickley is a brand rooted in tradition. The Stickley name stands for timeless style and quality that lasts generations. For over 100 years the Stickley name has been synonymous with the highest standards in design, materials and construction. And yet the beauty of the brand is that the furniture was never intended for shutting up in formal parlors—it was created so it could be used and loved by young and old.


What makes one piece of furniture an heirloom while another remains humdrum? At Stickley, their hand-crafted heirlooms start from the finest quality of wood and the most precious quarter-sawn cuts, are crafted by hand in America, finished in multiple steps, and delivered with a guarantee of excellence.


The Stickley story illustrates how great furniture creates and carries memories across time. Generations of families have enjoyed their Stickley furnishings and passed them down to be loved and cared for by their children. They’re pieces that embody classic design, and classic never goes out of style.


While my many people associate Stickley with their iconic Mission furnishings, the manufacturer also offers looks with more transitional and modern influences. In addition to case goods, Stickley offers leather furnishings, fine upholstered furniture, and there’s even a youth collection (Stickley Starters).


In today’s marketplace, it’s a big responsibility to recommend a brand other than our own. When we do you can be assured that the brand has earned our confidence. At Sheffield, we love Stickley—both the organization and their amazing product. So it’s no surprise that we choose it for our own homes and for our clients’.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors


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