At Sheffield Furniture, Stickley is always number one!  It’s no surprise that our team of talented interior designers furnish many of their client’s homes in timeless Stickley fashion.  Whether it is just one piece to help tie everything together or an entire home filled with Stickley Furniture, our exceptional designers know just how to make the Stickley brand shine in anyone’s home.


Below, our designers talk about why Stickley is Sheffield’s most popular brand and we showcase some of our favorite Stickley installations.


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Sheffield Furniture & Interiors




“This client plans to purchase a small 1930s DC area home in the future and wanted to decorate his apartment with that goal in mind. Stickley Mission pieces on a smaller scale fit the bill. They were handsome and grounding for the clients always growing art & artifacts collection. The end product turned out as interesting and warmly inviting as the client himself.”


Patrick Prudhomme, Designer at our Rockville Showroom


“This lovely couple decided, when renovating their Colonial Revival home, to incorporate significant contemporary architectural elements. While they loved the juxtaposition of the traditional & contemporary, they needed to find furniture that could hold its own. We found that Stickley’s Modern collection combined with Stickley’s classic Mission Collection (the Morris chair shown) created an artful bridge between the differing styles. The result is young and fresh and perfectly comfortable in the original traditional envelope of their home.”


Patrick Prudhomme, Designer at our Rockville Showroom


“I love working with Stickley! They make such a high quality, solid wood product at an amazing price. This dining room group, from their Classic Mahogany collection, is one of my favorites. The slimmer classic line makes it ideal for small to mid-size dining rooms found in many homes today. If a client is looking for elegance, quality and value, all made in the USA, this is the brand for them!”


Jane Faber, Designer at our Rockville Showroom