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10 New Colors for Fall

Looking for some inspiration for your interior design updates? Well, fall colors are here and they already have us dreaming of cooler days and hours spent entertaining guests indoors. This seasonal color palette is filled with a gorgeous range of soft blues, cozy naturals, and bursts of red and pink. So grab your coffee or tea, get comfy on your favorite recliner, and get ready to let your fall decor dreams go wild!





Riverside is a dusky blue that Pantone describes as “cool and calming” and “displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication”.


Create the elegant accents you love.

Bernhard Furniture (above)


Get a classic appeal by using touches of Riverside.

Century Furniture (above)



Select an eye-catching Riverside statement piece.

East King St. & Co. (above)






Airy Blue looks and feels just as its name sounds: light, soft, and free.


Choose Airy Blue for the focal point of your interior design.

Baker Furniture (above)



Create a soothing atmosphere with Airy Blue walls.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)



Add eye-catching detail with patterns.

Hancock & Moore (above)





Sharkskin is perfect as both a centerpiece and a companion color.


Use Sharkskin for a soft color scheme.

American Leather (above)



Create subtle accents with a combination of patterns.

Hickory Chair (above)





Aurora Red is as bold and beautiful as fall foliage.


Add some drama to your room by using vibrant Aurora Red.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)





Warm Taupe is a cozy neutral that Pantone describes as “trusted, organic and grounded”.

Create a relaxed atmosphere with Warm Taupe.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)



Add elegant, earthy accents.

Hickory Chair (above)





Dusty Cedar is a rich shade of pink that is perfect for the fall palette.


Add a touch of the unexpected by using this unique shade of pink.

Chaddock (above)





This beautiful color pairs perfectly with any other Pantone fall hue.

Combine different shades of green and create a layered look.

Century Furniture (above)



Create a bright and bold environment.

East King St. & Co. (above)





Spicy Mustard is a deliciously vibrant yellow that is “unexpected and unusual” and perfect for fall designs.

Pull the room together with a combination of accent pieces.

American Leather (above)



Create a cheerful ambience with a Spicy Mustard color scheme.

Baker Furniture (above)





Potter’s Clay makes for luxuriously warm and earthy interiors.

Combine Potter’s Clay with Sharkskin accents for a stunning design.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)


Use Potter’s Clay as a base to create a warm and inviting room.

Chaddock (above)





Bodacious rounds out this elegant palette with its bold, rich hue. Pantone describes Bodacious as “versatile”, a color that “lends itself to vibrant color combinations”.


Go bold with vibrant, Bodacious accents.

Chaddock (above)


High Point Furniture Market

Rockville designer Christina del Real with the Keno Brothers

Rockville designer Christina del Real with the Keno Brothers


Our designers recently traveled to High Point Market to check out the latest collections and designs from the industry’s finest. We’d like to offer a big “thank you” to Christina del Real for sharing her photos and sneak peeks with us!


(See some of Christina’s gorgeous work here:


Our designers gather with the best in the industry at High Point Market, and sometimes between their busy moments they manage to snap a photo or two for us! Here Christina meets the Keno Brothers—expert antiques appraisers and dealers, often recognized for their involvement with popular shows like “Antiques Roadshow” and “Hidden Treasures.” The Keno Brothers also have a furniture line with Theodore Alexander that is inspired by 18th Century to mid-Century modern design.


Barbara Barry for Baker Furniture

Barbara Barry for Baker Furniture


Barbara Barry is an internationally renowned designer with galleries in Bangkok, Moscow, and Singapore. She draws her inspiration from nature and is known for creating pieces that are both simple and sophisticated. Here we catch a glimpse of her latest collection designed for Baker Furniture.


Baker Furniture is inspired by many periods and styles, creating designs that have timeless appeal and enduring quality.


Baker Furniture

Baker Furniture


Baker Furniture 2

Baker Furniture


Baker Furniture 3

Baker Furniture



Stack Cocktail Table from the Thomas Pheasant Collection Athens Lounge Chair from the Thomas Pheasant Collection

Stack Cocktail Table from the

Thomas Pheasant Collection

Athens Lounge Chair from the

Thomas Pheasant Collection



Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles


Using her nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Lillian August creates a stunning collection of furniture for Hickory White. She is well known for blending periods and styles to create her own trademark look.


Lillian August for Hickory White

Lillian August for Hickory White


Lillian August for Hickory White 2

Lillian August for Hickory White


Lillian August for Hickory White 3

Lillian August for Hickory White


Lillian August for Hickory White 4

Lillian August for Hickory White


Lillian August for Hickory White 5

Lillian August for Hickory White


Our designer Sharon Smith-Falls and the Keno Brothers stop for quick photo for us!

[Above] Our designer Sharon Smith-Fall and the Keno Brothers stop for quick photo for us!


Thomas O’Brien and our designer Mary Katharine

Thomas O’Brien and our designer Mary Katherine pause for a photo near O’Brien’s recent collection for Century Furniture. Thomas O’Brien is known for his ability to combine elements from different historical origins and styles and create elegant designs that are both classic and modern.


Mary Katherine also joins Leigh and Leslie Keno

Mary Katherine also joins Leigh and Leslie Keno for a photo.


Mary Katharine poses with Thom Filicia

Smiles all around! Mary Katherine poses with Thom Filicia — world renowned for his talent for creating gorgeous interiors by blending modern and classic styles, also often recognized for his role in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.


Market is always full of so many exciting things to see, and we hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek as much as we did! High Point Furniture Market occurs every spring and fall, and we are hoping to have even more photos for you when we go this year, October 17-22!


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On Trend: Gold

Gold is a trend we see pop up over and over again in fashion and home design. But this year, gold has taken on a life of its own!  No longer satisfied with simply using gold as an accent color,  we’re gilding it all - from floor to ceiling and everything in between.

Below see just a few of our favorite gold pieces carried by our Sheffield brands.

Statement Gold Pieces at Sheffield Furniture

1 Perlini Mirror by Hickory Chair

2 Harmony Damask Wallpaper in Metallic Gold by Thibaut

3 Strelka Cocktail Table by Baker

4 Althorp Ballroom Chair by Theodore Alexander

5 Kensington Metal Canopy Bed by Bernhardt


Oscar-worthy Furnishings

If you watched the recent Oscars® or read the ensuing fashion reviews, you’ve seen the latest looks in glamour, glitz and gowns. The colors, the fabrics, the hairstyles, the jewels…the world’s most beautiful and talented came out to be recognized and did not disappoint. But did you know that Hollywood’s biggest night featured stars of home furnishings as well?


That’s right, Baker Furniture—one of our own favorite furniture lines—received the equivalent of an Oscar nod by being featured in the exclusive Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars. Los Angeles-based interior designer Madeline Stuart selected Baker Furniture once again to help her achieve her vision for this backstage space.


Nestled in Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, the Greenroom is the go-to spot for celebrity interviews, presenter pre-stage prep and refreshments. Baker was chosen to furnish the luxurious suite which was inspired by the legendary art director and production designer, Cedric Gibbons. A Hollywood legend, Mr. Gibbons won eleven Academy Awards for art direction and is credited with designing the Oscar statuette. For a behind-the-scenes look at this room being built, watch this time-lapse video here.


So what makes Baker Oscar-worthy? To start, the brand represents the epitome of fine design, materials and craftsmanship. Baker builds furniture from more periods, styles, and international influences than any other furniture maker—with careful attention paid to scale, proportion and ornamental detail. From exquisite reproductions to original creations from celebrated designers, each piece is uniquely Baker.


This is a brand whose looks fit perfectly in today’s homes. After all, Baker’s vision is to create furnishings thought tempting today and timeless tomorrow. So, this year, we think a home furnishings Oscar should go to Baker for Best Representation of Timeless Elegance.


All the best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



The Power of Pattern

Pattern is one of the most powerful ways to change a room. Second only to color, patterns can make or break a space. Use too little pattern and the room feels tired and boring. Yet, mix too many patterns or get the scale wrong, and you’ll give people a headache. Successfully combining patterns in textiles, furnishings, artwork and accessories can take years of practice, but when it’s done right, it’s amazing.


One of the biggest trends this fall is the layering of patterns. This means you’ll see more than just a patterned pillow on a solid sofa. Instead, you’ll see patterns used together from floor to ceiling—textiles, pillows, rugs, and wallpaper are all selected to work together.


Popular pattern motifs in today’s interior design include the Greek key, medallions, trellis patterns and oversized florals. The 1960s mid-century look continues to be popular—contributing Mad Men-inspired graphic prints in subdued color palettes.


The old rule of decorating used to be to choose one large pattern, one small one and to mix in a medium-sized one. That rule’s gone out the window—along with most decorating rules. The new ‘rule’ is to mix and match patterns until it feels right. Patterns that work well together are united by color, scale, texture, or motif.


For pattern inspiration, check out our blog on Dorothy Draper. She led the industry with her ingenious pairings of oversized florals and bold stripes that combined to create one-of-a-kind looks.


And if patterns aren’t your forte, don’t despair. Just call one of our talented on-staff designers—they make it fun and easy to get the look you want in your home.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



Thomas Pheasant by Baker Furniture


In today’s world of copies and knock-offs, it’s rare to find a furniture collection with a unique point of view. That’s why we adore the Thomas Pheasant collection from Baker Furniture. It’s modern, elegant and distinctive. You can spot his signature style from across the room—and you’ll be drawn to it.


Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer based in Washington, DC. His signature style is modern elegance and he creates furnishings and interiors that evoke a feeling of calm, luxurious comfort.


What’s interesting about Pheasant is how he selects and interprets classic design motifs in his work. An excellent example is his Arcade table, with curves clearly inspired by architectural arches. “Inspiration is not imitation, it is taking something you have experienced and allowing it to filter through your own unique sensibility,” says Pheasant.


For his latest collection for Baker, Pheasant combines simplicity, bold silhouettes and clean finishes. His inspiration draws from influences around the world and he creates modern pieces that, when looked at closely, reveal classical roots.


These are furnishings that appeal to people who know their own style. There’s nothing exaggerated, frilly or fancy about these pieces. They are bold, sophisticated and highly edited. Pheasant says it best himself: “I find the most satisfaction in elegance through simplicity…It is through editing that I achieve the greatest impact.”


Our best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors


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