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10 New Colors for Fall

Looking for some inspiration for your interior design updates? Well, fall colors are here and they already have us dreaming of cooler days and hours spent entertaining guests indoors. This seasonal color palette is filled with a gorgeous range of soft blues, cozy naturals, and bursts of red and pink. So grab your coffee or tea, get comfy on your favorite recliner, and get ready to let your fall decor dreams go wild!





Riverside is a dusky blue that Pantone describes as “cool and calming” and “displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication”.


Create the elegant accents you love.

Bernhard Furniture (above)


Get a classic appeal by using touches of Riverside.

Century Furniture (above)



Select an eye-catching Riverside statement piece.

East King St. & Co. (above)






Airy Blue looks and feels just as its name sounds: light, soft, and free.


Choose Airy Blue for the focal point of your interior design.

Baker Furniture (above)



Create a soothing atmosphere with Airy Blue walls.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)



Add eye-catching detail with patterns.

Hancock & Moore (above)





Sharkskin is perfect as both a centerpiece and a companion color.


Use Sharkskin for a soft color scheme.

American Leather (above)



Create subtle accents with a combination of patterns.

Hickory Chair (above)





Aurora Red is as bold and beautiful as fall foliage.


Add some drama to your room by using vibrant Aurora Red.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)





Warm Taupe is a cozy neutral that Pantone describes as “trusted, organic and grounded”.

Create a relaxed atmosphere with Warm Taupe.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)



Add elegant, earthy accents.

Hickory Chair (above)





Dusty Cedar is a rich shade of pink that is perfect for the fall palette.


Add a touch of the unexpected by using this unique shade of pink.

Chaddock (above)





This beautiful color pairs perfectly with any other Pantone fall hue.

Combine different shades of green and create a layered look.

Century Furniture (above)



Create a bright and bold environment.

East King St. & Co. (above)





Spicy Mustard is a deliciously vibrant yellow that is “unexpected and unusual” and perfect for fall designs.

Pull the room together with a combination of accent pieces.

American Leather (above)



Create a cheerful ambience with a Spicy Mustard color scheme.

Baker Furniture (above)





Potter’s Clay makes for luxuriously warm and earthy interiors.

Combine Potter’s Clay with Sharkskin accents for a stunning design.

Bernhardt Furniture (above)


Use Potter’s Clay as a base to create a warm and inviting room.

Chaddock (above)





Bodacious rounds out this elegant palette with its bold, rich hue. Pantone describes Bodacious as “versatile”, a color that “lends itself to vibrant color combinations”.


Go bold with vibrant, Bodacious accents.

Chaddock (above)


Fall 2014 High Point Market Trends

This fall some of our designers traveled to North Carolina to High Point Market, the largest furniture trade show in the world! While at Market, they met with furniture manufacturers and were given a sneak peek at the upcoming trends and new introductions from your favorite brands! Malvern designer, Cate Heck, was on top of the trends and provided these great photos from her trip!


 Trend:  Chanel-Style Quilted Upholstery 

High Point Market Trends - Quilting

High Point Market Trends - Quilting

High Point Market Trends - Quilting

High Point Market Trends - Quilting

Trend: Jewel Tones

2014 High Point Market Trends - Jewel Tones

2014 High Point Market Trends - Jewel Tones

2014 High Point Market Trends - Jewel Tones

2014 High Point Market Trends - Jewel Tones

2014 High Point Market Trends - Jewel Tones

Trend: Patterned Upholstery 

2014 High Point Market Trends - Patterned Upholstery

2014 High Point Market Trends - Patterned Upholstery

Trend: Bold Art

2014 High Point Market Trends - Bold Art

2014 High Point Market Trends - Bold Art

2014 High Point Market Trends - Bold Art

2014 High Point Market Trends - Bold Art


On Trend: Gold

Gold is a trend we see pop up over and over again in fashion and home design. But this year, gold has taken on a life of its own!  No longer satisfied with simply using gold as an accent color,  we’re gilding it all - from floor to ceiling and everything in between.

Below see just a few of our favorite gold pieces carried by our Sheffield brands.

Statement Gold Pieces at Sheffield Furniture

1 Perlini Mirror by Hickory Chair

2 Harmony Damask Wallpaper in Metallic Gold by Thibaut

3 Strelka Cocktail Table by Baker

4 Althorp Ballroom Chair by Theodore Alexander

5 Kensington Metal Canopy Bed by Bernhardt


On Trend: Quatrefoil

The quatrefoil motif has been around for centuries and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. Signified by a symmetrical, four leaf clover shape; the quatrefoil turns up everywhere! From classic architecture, to jewelry, wallpaper, even Girl Scout cookies.

Girl Scout Trefoil Cookies

We, however, love to see the quatrefoil motif reflected in home decor! Check out some of our Sheffield brands featuring the trend below…

Quatrefoil Trends at Sheffield Furniture

1 Quatrefoil Cocktail Table from Universal Furniture

2 Haven Cabinet from Bernhardt

3 Alexandra Chair by Suzanne Kasler from Hickory Chair

 4 Pattern Makers Floor and Table Lamps from Regina Andrew

5 Upholstered Mirror from East King St & Co

6 Mara Embroidery Fabric from Thibaut


Wallpaper That Wows

If you’re looking to add that “wow” factor to a room, wallpaper may be just the thing. Sure, wallpaper was overused in the 1980s and it fell out of favor with both designers and homeowners for a time. But now it’s back in a big way, bringing a certain something to spaces that you can’t achieve with paint alone.


Here are a few inspiring ideas and illustrations of how to use wallpaper to add style to your home. For more ideas, contact one of our talented staff members and we’ll help you select the perfect Thibaut (our designers’ favorite line and available in-store) paper for your space.


All the best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



Alston Trellis Wallpaper

Wallpaper makes it easy to infuse a space with personality and it can help you achieve your vision for a room. A fresh dining room, a masculine office, a modern kitchen, a fun laundry room, a classic living room—there’s no easier way to set a mood than with wallpaper.



Rodanthe Wallpaper


Julian Wallpaper

Dimensional Color
While paint is a natural go-to for adding color to a room, wallpaper is wonderful for adding dimensional color. From textured metallic inks to tone-on-tone patterns, papering a wall lets you add layers of color.



Zara Wallpaper


Maison Damask Wallpaper

Grass cloth is a timeless wallpaper choice and the favorite of many designers, while cork and bamboo are also gaining momentum. All three come in a variety of colorways and are ideal for giving a room softness and texture. Today’s wallpapers are also available with raised patterns, velvety textures, and glass beads.



East Gate Wallpaper


Carolina Raffia Wallpaper

Focal Point
Whether you paper one wall or the whole room, wallpaper always attracts the eye. It can be used to create a grounding effect in big spaces or make small spaces feel larger. Using wallpaper only above the chair rail or wainscot molding is another great look.



Arturo Damask Wallpaper


Parrots Wallpaper

Wallpaper works exceptionally well for adding unexpected patterns in unexpected places. An oversize pattern makes a great accent wall, while a metallic print can perk up a powder room. And don’t forget unique placements such as ceilings, closets and the inside back panel of bookcases.



Turtle Bay Wallpaper


Launderette Wallpaper


New Year, New Color

The hottest colors in decorating come and go just like they do in fashion—eventually coming around again in new shades and iterations. It’s exciting to see what home furnishings visionaries and trendsetters come up with each season. Last year Pantone named Tangerine Tango as the color of the year for 2012 and this year they’ve looked at 2013 and chosen…Emerald! Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year is Emerald Green—a retro-elegant gem emblematic of harmony and good fortune.


Emerald green—it’s a color rich with personality that is both bold and sophisticated. It’s no coincidence they’re promoting the color in its namesake shape of an emerald stone. In describing this new ‘it’ shade, Pantone says it’s: “Lively. Radiant. Lush…A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”


From fabrics to accessories and everything in between, emerald green is making its way into showrooms and homes. While emerald is hot today, we’ll concede it can be challenging to visualize it in a décor scheme. One strategy is to start small. Add a few pieces as accents and accessories. Try a small side table and new throw pillows or choose a fabric for window treatments or bedding that features emerald.


Green just not your color? Don’t despair. If you just don’t see this shade in your home, make an appointment with us for a free consultation and let us help you find the right color palette for your home.



All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



The Power of Pattern

Pattern is one of the most powerful ways to change a room. Second only to color, patterns can make or break a space. Use too little pattern and the room feels tired and boring. Yet, mix too many patterns or get the scale wrong, and you’ll give people a headache. Successfully combining patterns in textiles, furnishings, artwork and accessories can take years of practice, but when it’s done right, it’s amazing.


One of the biggest trends this fall is the layering of patterns. This means you’ll see more than just a patterned pillow on a solid sofa. Instead, you’ll see patterns used together from floor to ceiling—textiles, pillows, rugs, and wallpaper are all selected to work together.


Popular pattern motifs in today’s interior design include the Greek key, medallions, trellis patterns and oversized florals. The 1960s mid-century look continues to be popular—contributing Mad Men-inspired graphic prints in subdued color palettes.


The old rule of decorating used to be to choose one large pattern, one small one and to mix in a medium-sized one. That rule’s gone out the window—along with most decorating rules. The new ‘rule’ is to mix and match patterns until it feels right. Patterns that work well together are united by color, scale, texture, or motif.


For pattern inspiration, check out our blog on Dorothy Draper. She led the industry with her ingenious pairings of oversized florals and bold stripes that combined to create one-of-a-kind looks.


And if patterns aren’t your forte, don’t despair. Just call one of our talented on-staff designers—they make it fun and easy to get the look you want in your home.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



From Suits to Suites

It’s no secret that home furnishings design follows the trail that fashion blazes. From color palettes and patterns to fabrics and textures—runway looks inspire furniture designers and the designs that eventually make their way into our homes. So it’s no surprise that a big trend this season is the menswear look.


It’s hard to find anything more classic than a well-tailored suit. Combine the perfect fabric, style and tailoring, and the result is amazing. Today’s home furnishings designers are finding the same holds true in furniture. From the fabrics to the detailing, here’s a look at how men’s fashion is influencing interior design.


As with fashion, fabrics come first with this trend. You’ll see tweedy plaids, hounds tooth (in both small- and large-scale), pinstripes, chevron designs, Greek key patterns and small dots and graphic prints. Almost any pattern you’d see on a man’s tie is being interpreted in textiles and used in upholstery and window treatments.


The color palette is equally important with the menswear-inspired look. Expect to see lots of black, white and complex neutrals (colors mixed with gray). Gray provides the foundation—just like the classic gray suit—and colors are added and mixed to create the mood. Gray and greige (gray+beige) are some of today’s hottest shades in wall colors and bed linens. Wood finishes range from deep and rich to lighter and more distressed—and are accented with metal finishes and bases to add character.


Just as the difference between a $200 suit and a $2,000 suit is all in the details—the same is true for home furnishings. Defining touches such as pleats, nailhead accents, contrasting welts, decorative trim and fabrics that look and feel luxurious, distinguish these high-end furniture looks.


The final touch to any fashionable ensemble is jewelry—or a wristwatch for men—and furniture is no exception. Drawer pulls, window treatments, rugs and decorative lighting are the jewelry to a room and add the perfect finishing touch. Great fashion can improve the way a man looks and feels, and today’s menswear fashion trends are elevating the style in our homes as well.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



That Touch of Paris

Sometimes a girl needs a little glamour. And sometimes a room does.


Nothing perks up a space more than adding a layer of sparkling sophistication. For inspiration, think of Paris at night and the Eiffel Tower aglow with twinkling lights. Or picture the glamour of old Hollywood when men still held doors open and everyone dressed for dinner. Adding a little Parisian influence to a room dresses it up and gives it importance. Here are few keys to creating this look:


Start with the sparkle: Furnishings and materials that sparkle add instant glamour. Look for mirrored pieces, reflective surfaces and glitzy textures.


Select luxe materials: When it comes to creating a luxurious environment, rich fabrics are a must-have. Silks, velvets, leather and fabrics with shine and dimension work best for this look. Tufting and pleats can be used to help accentuate a fabric’s character.  And don’t forget faux fur and shearling.


Choose sophisticated colors: An elegant, Paris-inspired color palette is ideally muted or monochromatic. Classic colors and palettes provide a backdrop for statement pieces that create the feeling of luxury.


Don’t skimp on lighting: Good lighting sets the mood in a space, and it’s a critical element for creating this look. Lighting adds drama and directs the eye around the room. Plus, nothing says glamour more than a crystal chandelier or light fixture dripping with bling.


Speak with accessories: Choose your accessories wisely and display only those that help you tell the story you want to tell.


Whether you’re re-imagining your bedroom, living room, dining room or den—you don’t have to go around the world to find glamour. You can use furnishings, accessories and color to bring the ‘City of Light’ to your home.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



Trend Alert: Livable Luxury

Sure, casual style reigns in many households—but luxury is still alive and well. Thankfully, today’s designers are redefining luxury. Opulence is no longer so over-the-top. Today’s luxury is livable. It’s not fussy and untouchable; it’s real and yet still inspiring.


Nothing looks more luxe than the lovely sheen of a metallic finish or the reflection of a mirrored or gleaming surface. When it comes to adding drama to a piece, sparkle speaks volumes. We love the new muted metallic finishes that are taking hold. From polished gold and pewter finishes on dining tables to elegant detailing on cocktail tables and decorative occasional pieces—the high-end look is all about the details.


Reflectivity abounds in mirrored chests and consoles while shiny lacquered finishes add personality to otherwise conservative profiles. A subtle glimmer in the leather of a sofa takes it from boring to beautiful instantly.


If you’re not ready to embrace luxury in a big way, look to the accessories. We’re seeing accent pillows with shiny detailing and window treatments with metallic hardware. Look closely and you’ll see metallic strands of gold and silver popping up in the most unexpected places. Bring a little luxe into your space and see how happy you feel.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



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