than getting a good night’s sleep?


The effects of sleep deprivation can include: increased appetite and decreased metabolic speed, memory and cognitive impairment, and increased anxiety and moodiness.


The solution? A mattress that provides you the support and comfort that you need for a quality night’s sleep! Sheffield proudly carries both Tempur-pedic and Shifman mattresses. With three collections to choose from and a support system that perfectly contours and supports anyones body, Tempur-pedic is a wonderful asset to a quality nights sleep. Or, try napping on one of our handmade, double-sided Shifman mattresses, and lavish in the natural, luxurious materials that make up these elegant mattress sets.


Visit Sheffield any time and take a rest on one of our impressive mattresses… And if you wonder why our mattress specialists are so helpful, you can assume it’s because of the wonderful nights sleep they had on their Tempur-pedic/Shifman bed.


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