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Harvey Ellis Dining Table and Chairs


Mission furniture is a widely loved style that dates back to the late 1800s. The furniture is as enduring as its
appeal, often becoming treasured heirlooms for generations.
So what is it about Mission furniture that makes it so timeless? It’s in the simple beauty of the design. According to an article on The Arts & Crafts Society’s website, here are a few features that, together, truly define the
Mission style:


• simple straight-lines
• medium or dark stained wood
• substantial, but well proportioned pieces
• distinct lack of unnecessary ornament
• wood of the best quality
• leather upholstery (mostly)
• simple iron or copper hardware


(Read full article here:
The solid, wood form gives the furniture a warm, rustic feel, but the simple geometric shapes also satisfy the desire for simplicity.




Bustle Back Bow Arm Morris Recliner


The clean designs and integrity of the construction are just a few reasons why Mission is so loved. According to the The Arts & Crafts Society’s website, the “…workmanship [of Mission] must be exact, as any imperfections are at once noticeable in furniture of such simple lines.” There is no room for error in the making of Mission—a flawed piece would be obvious and thus unappealing both visually and structurally.


Mission furniture is often made of oak and completed with various finishes.




Slat Back Settle • Oval End Table • Limbert Tabouret Table


Its rustic beauty creates a timeless appearance.




Gus Commemorative Bookcase • Gus Bow Arm Morris Chair


While often made of oak, Stickley also has a stunning line of cherry Mission.




Harvey Ellis Rocker • Harvey Ellis Door Console




Mission Sideboard




Keyhole Trestle Table




Three Door Display Buffet




Settle • Gus Rocker • Storage Cocktail Table • Roycroft Tabouret




Sleigh Bed • Harvey Ellis Nine Drawer Chest • Harvey Ellis Drawer Night Stand • Highland Park Rug




Spindle Bed




Harvey Ellis Bed




Round Pedestal Dining Table • Cottage Arm Chair & Side Chair


 Image_040_01  Image_040_02  Image_040_03

Highlands Double Pedestal Table

Spindle Side Chair

Spindle Arm Chair



Stickley Mission Collection

We are getting excited about our Presidents’ Weekend Stickley Truckload Sale! So I thought it would be a great idea to look at some of our favorite Stickley Mission rooms.


Stickley first introduced Mission furniture over 100 years ago. The American Arts & Crafts style has become timeless in its simplistic design and quality craftsmanship. Handmade in the USA, we know you will love Stickley as much as we do!


All the best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors














Stickley, Timeless Style

Every year trends come and go, which makes it particularly entertaining to look back at styles from the past. The avocado green appliances and gold shag carpet of the 70s, the ultra-sleek furniture and airbrushed art of the 80s, the funky patterns and psychedelic colors of the 60s—there’s no shortage of trends that have burned out. It seems nearly every winner of a home makeover sweepstakes has a ‘before’ photo of a room that looks like a blast from the past. Which is why we’ll take “timeless” over “trendy” any day.


The hottest trends today will likely look dated a few years from now. While most everyone wants their home to feel current, there’s a big difference between following trends and following style. It’s just one of the ways Sheffield can help you create your dream home: our designers can assist you in furnishing and decorating your space in a way that fits your taste and lifestyle. So you don’t have to worry that your investment of time and resources will soon be out of style.


While there are many fine furniture manufacturers that have stood the test of time (and continue to be some of our favorite lines), there’s one that stands out among its peers: Stickley Furniture. When clients ask us why we love Stickley so much, we offer them a cup of coffee—because it takes a few minutes to explain.


If we had to narrow it down to just three reasons, we’d say: Heritage, Style and Quality.




Stickley is a brand rooted in tradition. The Stickley name stands for timeless style and quality that lasts generations. For over 100 years the Stickley name has been synonymous with the highest standards in design, materials and construction. And yet the beauty of the brand is that the furniture was never intended for shutting up in formal parlors—it was created so it could be used and loved by young and old.


What makes one piece of furniture an heirloom while another remains humdrum? At Stickley, their hand-crafted heirlooms start from the finest quality of wood and the most precious quarter-sawn cuts, are crafted by hand in America, finished in multiple steps, and delivered with a guarantee of excellence.


The Stickley story illustrates how great furniture creates and carries memories across time. Generations of families have enjoyed their Stickley furnishings and passed them down to be loved and cared for by their children. They’re pieces that embody classic design, and classic never goes out of style.


While my many people associate Stickley with their iconic Mission furnishings, the manufacturer also offers looks with more transitional and modern influences. In addition to case goods, Stickley offers leather furnishings, fine upholstered furniture, and there’s even a youth collection (Stickley Starters).


In today’s marketplace, it’s a big responsibility to recommend a brand other than our own. When we do you can be assured that the brand has earned our confidence. At Sheffield, we love Stickley—both the organization and their amazing product. So it’s no surprise that we choose it for our own homes and for our clients’.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors


Stickley_06 Stickley_09 Stickley_12 Stickley_15 Stickley_18 Stickley_24 Stickley_27 Stickley_29 Stickley_32


In Their Own Words: Our Designers Talk about How They Use Stickley in Their Client’s Homes

At Sheffield Furniture, Stickley is always number one!  It’s no surprise that our team of talented interior designers furnish many of their client’s homes in timeless Stickley fashion.  Whether it is just one piece to help tie everything together or an entire home filled with Stickley Furniture, our exceptional designers know just how to make the Stickley brand shine in anyone’s home.


Below, our designers talk about why Stickley is Sheffield’s most popular brand and we showcase some of our favorite Stickley installations.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors




“This client plans to purchase a small 1930s DC area home in the future and wanted to decorate his apartment with that goal in mind. Stickley Mission pieces on a smaller scale fit the bill. They were handsome and grounding for the clients always growing art & artifacts collection. The end product turned out as interesting and warmly inviting as the client himself.”


Patrick Prudhomme, Designer at our Rockville Showroom


“This lovely couple decided, when renovating their Colonial Revival home, to incorporate significant contemporary architectural elements. While they loved the juxtaposition of the traditional & contemporary, they needed to find furniture that could hold its own. We found that Stickley’s Modern collection combined with Stickley’s classic Mission Collection (the Morris chair shown) created an artful bridge between the differing styles. The result is young and fresh and perfectly comfortable in the original traditional envelope of their home.”


Patrick Prudhomme, Designer at our Rockville Showroom


“I love working with Stickley! They make such a high quality, solid wood product at an amazing price. This dining room group, from their Classic Mahogany collection, is one of my favorites. The slimmer classic line makes it ideal for small to mid-size dining rooms found in many homes today. If a client is looking for elegance, quality and value, all made in the USA, this is the brand for them!”


Jane Faber, Designer at our Rockville Showroom



Stickley Excellence Only At Sheffield Furniture

Recently, Sheffield Furniture & Interior owners Jim and Liz Shrawder joined other elite Stickley Furniture dealers in attending Stickley’s Annual Dealer Weekend in Manlius, New York. The weekend gives dealers the opportunity to socialize, compare best practices in marketing and sales and get a behind the scenes peek into what Stickley is planning for the future.


One of the highlights of the weekend is the award ceremony where awards are granted to the best dealers for performance over the past year. We’re happy to report that Sheffield Furniture took home five awards, including the coveted “Largest Stickley Dealer”. Our other awards were for “Excellence in Direct Mail Advertising” and “30% Increase in Upholstery and Leather,” as well as the Silver award for volume in upholstery and leather and the Diamond award for being the largest Stickley upholstery and leather dealer in the country.

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year ahead with Stickley Furniture!


All the best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



Our collection of Stickley awards


Liz and Jim Shrawder attend Stickley Dealers Weekend


President of Stickley Furniture, Edward J Audi, and his mother, Stickley Furniture CEO and Chairman,Aminy Audi, present Liz and Jim with a Stickley Award


Stickley factory tour


Mike Danial, Stickley Historian


Stickley craftsman working on a John Widdicomb Regency Commode


Dulles designers, Terri Fawley, Elena Feder (both left), and Randal Shannon (right), stand with Stickley CEO and Chairman, Aminy Audi (center) and Sheffield’s Stickley Representative Bill Peed (rear)


Elena Felder, from our Dulles showroom, sits in a Stickley chair made for the Dalai Lama


B101′s Jen Ryan Room Design Before & After!

Take a look at Jen Ryan’s beautiful new family room!




See below if you haven’t seen the first video!



Our best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors


Why Stickley = Substance

In today’s disposable age where everything is replaceable, there’s something to be said for substance. In home furnishings, substance comes in the form of Stickley. Each hand-crafted piece of Stickley furniture has a story—and thanks to its exceptional quality—a future.


You’ve probably heard of Stickley, admired an heirloom, or are lucky enough to own your own. Each piece is crafted of hardwood by skilled artisans and offers a unique combination of classic design, superior construction, and historical relevance. These unique, handmade furnishings are meticulously crafted in the USA, and have been for more than 100 years.


The Stickley story begins with five brothers and one passion. Gustav, Albert, Charles, Leopold and John George Stickley began making furniture at their uncle’s factory in Brandt, Pa. around 1877. The Stickley brothers operated under an old Flemish phrase that became their motto: Als Ik Kan, which means “to the best of my ability.” Gustav Stickley marked his product with the phrase to assure customers that Stickley furniture was of the finest quality, and that every piece was made with honor, integrity, and pride.


Over the years Stickley became known for its Mission Oak designs as they established a reputation for “honest” furniture—in contrast to the fake joinery, gaudiness, and shoddy workmanship of many of the pieces created in the early days of industrial furniture making. The Stickleys used solid construction, what-you-see-is-what-you-get joinery, and the highest quality woods. Great emphasis was placed on letting the gorgeous, organic forms of quartersawn oak and other woods speak for themselves.


But more than craftsmanship, the Stickleys showed a genius for design. They created hundreds of new forms that were beautiful and practical, exceedingly strong and long-lasting—perfect for the ways American families live.


Eventually the Stickley brothers passed away and respect for handcraftsmanship ebbed. In 1974, with the fate of the L. & J.G. Stickley company uncertain, the Audi family rescued the company. At his Manhattan showroom, E.J. Audi had for years been the leading seller of Stickley’s furniture. His son Alfred, and Alfred’s wife Aminy, were unwilling to let Stickley become a relic of the past, and decided to purchase the Stickley factory when Leopold’s widow was on the brink of closing it. Together Alfred’s and Aminy rejuvenated the company. Alfred passed away in the fall of 2007, but the Stickley legacy is continued today by his wife Aminy and son Edward.


It’s easy to see why every piece of Stickley furniture offers more than just beauty and substance—it offers a rich history and enduring tradition. Stickley produces America’s premium hardwood furniture delivered with an unmatched level of craftsmanship and excellence.


We carry Stickley furnishings in a variety of classic styles, including the Traditional, Metropolitan, 21st Century, Fine Upholstery, Craftsman Leather and ever-popular Mission collections. So visit one of our showrooms to find your favorite look and experience your own piece of history.



All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



Dining in Style

The dining room. Honestly speaking, it’s not the most frequently used room in the house. Yet, when you do use it—it couldn’t be more important. It’s where you break bread with family and a destination loved ones travel cross-country for during the holidays. It’s the site of countless Bunco parties and where you entertain business associates like they’re friends. It’s the best place to sit for coffee and dessert and has served as the location for many important discussions.


So is your dining room living up to its potential? If not, now is the time to rethink, refresh and redesign it to fit your lifestyle.


With nearly the smallest square footage of any room of the house, designing the perfect dining room can be a challenge. Since there’s limited room for extras, the overall look of the space is based largely on its furnishings. Once the star of the room is chosen, a rug, wall coverings, window treatments and artwork can be selected to enhance the look. And don’t forget the tablescape—place settings, linens, and centerpieces are what take a dining room from ordinary to extraordinary.


Wondering how to get started? Call one of our talented designers for a free consultation. They’ll walk you through some easy steps to help you identify your style. Then it’s on to selecting the shape of the table and number of chairs that best suit your personal taste, your room size and entertaining needs. The best part is that they make the decorating process what it should be—fun!



All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors



Stickley Furniture Tour


When it comes to appreciating the beauty of Stickley furniture, Terry and Chuck Mattioni are true aficionados. The Mattionis have been furnishing their home with Stickley Mission furnishings from Sheffield for several years and recently had a chance to tour the Stickley factory in New York. “It was very impressive,” shared Terry. “Now we understand why there is an 8-12 week lead time for furniture!”


Stickley has a long tradition of inviting the public to visit its factory. Since its earliest years the company has encouraged consumers to see for themselves how its furnishings are crafted. It’s an extension of what Gustav Stickley called “honest furniture.”


The tour is just the first stop for devoted Stickley enthusiasts. There’s also a Stickley museum located in the historic original Stickley factory and a flagship showroom nearby. Overnight visitors will also be interested in The Craftsman Inn, across the street from the showroom.


Stickley is one brand that makes it easy to see what makes one piece of furniture an heirloom

while another is not.


All the best,

Sheffield Furniture & Interiors


PS. Below are some of our favorite Stickley Furniture items!




A Night with Stickley’s Corporate Historian – Mike Danial

It was a fun Friday night in our Rockville showroom on May 11 as we hosted Mike Danial, Corporate Historian of Stickley furniture for our own Stickley Roadshow. Thank you to everyone who came out to hear Mike share insights gleaned from his 35 years with Stickley. He entertained the group with facts about the history, craftsmanship and care of these classic furnishings. “Mike’s presentation was amazing—he’s truly an expert on Stickley and one of our favorite guests,” said Debbie Harp, Rockville showroom manager.


Several lucky customers went home with more than just inspiration—winning one of the evening’s prizes. Big winners for the night were Beth Heider, winner of the grand prize: the 2012 Limited Edition Collector’s Cabinet and Jeff Kao, winner of the 2011 Limited Edition Wedding Mirror.


Our best,
Sheffield Furniture & Interiors








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