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Stickley Furniture

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Sheffield Furniture & Interiors is proud to be the largest Stickley dealer in the world - 2006, 2007, & 2008

Furniture is basically a necessity of modern life. Tables, chairs, and beds are very functional parts of our homes. But fine furniture is more than that. It is a beautiful addition to every day living, expressing our personalities, inviting us to enjoy its artistry, strength, and comfort.

What is it that makes furniture "fine furniture"? It is constructed by educated hands using the best materials and blending the precision of modern technology with the care of centuries-old methods. Fine furniture is honored with awards, recognized by collectors, but most importantly it is cherished in the home - becoming a part of family stories and memories.

What makes some furniture - Stickley furniture - different? Timeless design. Exquisite craftsmanship. Unparalleled integrity. Superior construction. Historical relevance. Crafted by skilled artisans and sought after by devoted collectors. That's the Stickley Difference. We invite you to learn more here.

View the combination of unique construction features that sets Stickley apart from other furniture manufacturers. Learn about Stickley's unique place in American history. Educate yourself on selecting fine furniture before you decorate your home. The Stickley story is an open book.

The Stickley Story


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